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Hi welcome to Pine Ridge Porties, we hope your experience at Pine Ridge is as awesome as the Portuguese Water Dog breed! If you reading this you are possibly considering adopting a PWD puppy, great choice. The PWD breed is known for being loving, intelligent, and independent. PWDs, will typically bond primarily with one family member, but get along great with everyone including children. Because of their intelligence, and working drive PWD, they require plenty of exercise and mental challenges to prevent destructive behavior. Here at Pine Ridge, our puppies are raised in a family atmosphere with plenty of room to roam. Our two females Bella and Mia are great examples of the breed, energetic and and loyal. We chose to outsource for our stud dogs leaving us more time to focus on our two females. Stud dogs are carefully selected to ensure healthy, happy puppies. Both Dam's and Sire's are hip and elbow certified, and DNA tested to ensure the health of our puppies. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us, thanks for choosing Pine Ridge Porties. If you at any time in the puppy's lifetime want to return any dog due to unforeseen circumstances we will rehome or keep the puppy no questions asked. 



James Barkman

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